Friday, 22 May 2009

What we're up to...

Howdy boys and girls, just thought we'd let you know of a few exciting bits and bobs we've got coming up in the next month...

Starting next week we'll be working on a music video for Paul Marshall, a local leeds finger plucking musical genius! It's going to be a stop frame animation which we can't wait to get stuck into. Check him out

We also have another photo-shoot for Leeds band These Monsters up our sleeves and have been asked to help on their awesome new music video Call Me Dragon in late June. Yeah!

Hopefully next week we'll be shooting the cardboard castle creation for Fran Rodgers (, Yet another VERY talented musician from these parts. (Sneaky peek of the set in the post a few down from this).

Oh and a few more wacky and weird sets for your peepers, though more details of those to follow shortly. Also hopefully we'll have our myspace and website up by the end of the month so lots to look out for, until then good friends adios!

Lord Whitney

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