Thursday, 20 August 2009

Lord Whitneys Curious Circus Sideshow...

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen

Whoa...we have just finished a mammoth two days of photographing for our circus sideshow ... It was a great few days and we are SO pleased with the results!

4 litres of Diet Coke, 1 pair of lobster claws, 2 bags of Hay, 1 minature Quiche, 10 rolls of film, 30 Polaroid's, 1 pair of Mr & Mrs Whitney's curtains, 5 moustaches,15 balloons, 1 roll of string and a whole lot of Gaffa Tape (just to name a few) helped us achieve a very successful shoot.
We'd just like to say a massive thanks to everyone that helped us, we were amazed by how much effort everyone put in to it, we really couldn't have done it with out you guys, you will forever be our special freaks!
We now have over a 1000 photo's to edit, but plan to exhibit our sideshow in the next couple of months so watch this space for details chaps!
Oh and MASSIVE thanks to Becca and the guys at the Packhorse for having such an awesome pub and letting us move in for two days! We love you all!


Here's a few cheeky peeks at what we've been doing...

This is just a sneek, we will have some more pics up soon and will unveil all in our opening exhibition!!!

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