Monday, 5 July 2010

Glastonbury with HOFT...

So we have returned from Glastonbury, and what an amazing time we had chaps! I was a Glasto virgin so had no idea what to expect and well... it definitely proved itself to be one INCREDIBLE festival. We were very lucky to be working with the wonderful, talented, magical House Of Fairy Tales who were just brilliant and love, believe and feel passionate about everything we do. We spent the 4 days making animal masks and models with adults, children and families. Whilst HOFT camp entertained in many other magical ways. Dr Who even stopped by to see what was going on...

Big thanks to HOFT and to our wonderful, creative amazing pal Shell who helped us soooooooo much!

Check us out doing more workshops at Port Elliott and Camp Bestival this month! Wooooo haaaa!!!


  1. Looks to me like Noah saved a Yoda. Thank goodness. Love the Ark. Magical stuff.

  2. Brilliant work - well done!