Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Plot is Revealed....

So now we know who did it!

Detective Kate Preece uncovered the dastardly plot, in a bitter twist Lobster Girl and Vladimir constructed the deadly plot as bitter revenge for the Lords tortuous treatment.... but the plot had an unexpected fatal end!

"Although she appears secret and serene on the surface, Lobster girl is harboring a dark secret, for it was she who tried to kill Lord Whitney. But she was not alone in her attempt.

Some fifteen years ago she met and fell in love with Vladimir, the only man to ever have accepted her. They had a child, or children Macha and Dacha, who due to their unusual genes, were born joined at the hip.

Lord Whitney did not prove of the relationship and wanting to take advantage of the twins and their potential for new paying ogglers, he cruelly separated the family and the twins never knew who their parents were.

As added vulgarity, he ordered Lobster girl to endless late night shows and he humiliated her by using her pincers as nutcrackers. The smell of Almonds would haunt her forever!

Vladamir and Lobster Girl, in a stolen moment, hatched their plan to poison Lord Whitney and flee with their twins to live the life they always dreamed of. In one last note to Lobster Girl they agreed to meet after the deed had been done, but Vladimir suspected the Lord had overheard their plan. And he had!

At the suspicious meeting Vladimir had asked 'to discuss pay'  the Lord slyly swapped the two glasses set in front of them. He smelt the tell tale smell of Almond on the glass. The poison was odourless but the remnants of the nuts from Lobster Girls pincers was unmissable. So downing his drink the poison rushed into Vladimirs heart, beating with fear and anticipation, Lobster Girl had killed her one true love, and her cruel torturer lived to tell the tale..."

Signed Detective Kate Preece

A monumental thank you to all the amateur detectives that helped us solve this dastardly plot. We hope you all enjoyed the night we were truly astounded by all of your conspiracies and theories and enjoyed reading every one! Although we planned to reveal the winning plot on the night we had so many entries (some extended over 4 sheets of paper) that we thought it only fair to read each one carefully and considered.

Although there can be only one winning detective, it was such a close call between our three favourites we wanted to give them all a special mention...  

A novel length plot of how the ringmaster whipped up all the freaks in his deathly plan...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, to the untrained eye this could be an open and shut case. The ribbon on the bottle clearly belongs to Cobra and the large jar left behind is the one she calls her home. But, the naturally gossipy (as their note about being overheard confessed) Macha and Dacha let slip one small detail while we were here. Cobra was Lord Whitneys mistress! Enraged by the favouritism and financial benefits she enjoyed in her privileged 'position' The Ringmaster whips the freaks into conspiring against them.

On the night of the full moon when Lord Whitneys ever loyal companion The Wolfman would be out hunting the dainty footed Borris stealthily stole Rodney Arthurs cymbal to distract him, knowing he was the only one perceptive enough to see through their plan. Boris Hides the cymbal in Tramps quarters knowing him to be oblivious in his depressed paralysis. Using a distillation of the almond oil Big Bertha used to soften her beard a deadly poison was collected in a bottler tied with a red ribbon Lobster Girl deftly snipped off Cobras sleeping wrist. Using his command over electricity Larry knocks out the lights surrounding Whitneys trailer and under the cover of darkness Eric sneaks the pickle jar and poison into the trailer under his oversized headwear. He lifts the minuscule Derek into the Liquor shelf where his dextrous fingers work the stopper from Whitneys favourite brandy where he applies the deadly concoction.

The Ringmasters deadly plan would have gone off without a hitch, Whitney dead and Cobra framed, had it not been for one flaw in their plan. Vladimir, know to enjoy a tipple since his days in the Gulag where he was rescued by Whitney from a Soviet labour camp, stopped by the trailer for a nightjar. Little did he know only minutes before Dereks tiny fingers were working the deadly poison into the liquor. Any mere mortal would have seen their life instantly extinguished by the elixir but Vladimir was more than a man and his extraordinary physiology was able to survive the deadly dose. and thus Ladies and Gentlemen began the unravelling of a freakish plot on the enigmatic Lord and Master of the creatures you see before you."

 Signed Detective Monsieur Oliver Nelson and his Sidekick

A concise plot of how the Eric attempted murder due to his raging jealousy....

'I have deducted that Eric was in fact guilty of attempted murder most horrid!

Driven by jealousy over little Derek's success on stage and with the ladies, he plotted to capture his vertically challenged companion in a large jar then drown him in poisoned Cognac!

However, Rodney Arthur found out and ran to warn someone but tripped over Tramp the Clown, hitting his head and forgetting the whole affair!

Lord Whitney was not the intended target.'

 Signed Detective Johnathan Gallagher


  1. Concise indeed ha. You forgot to mention the extremely useful diagrams and notes on the reverse of my statement :)

    Cheers again for a really interesting and unique evening! Something I've come to expect from the fabulous Lord Whitney. Oh and congrats to detective inspector Kate!

    Looking forward to the next invite :D

  2. We had a great night, thank you! You never fail to amaze us with your creativity, really inspirational stuff :D

    Oh and thanks again for checking out my portfolio website. I was hoping you guys would understand my style ;)

    Here's to Lord Whitney *Raises a glass* hip hip hurrar!!

  3. Why, the diagrams were astonishing and were involved in our judging proceedings
    , we shall blame lack of sleep for the careless exclusion! Thank you both for support over the last year, it has meant a lot, here's hoping to an eventful year ahead!

  4. I can't pretend me and Alex weren't devastated about the runner up position but I cannot deny that Kate does present an interesting hypothesis. And unfortunately me and Alex's friendship has since been terminated due to the arguments about who was the sidekick.

    You Whitney gals sure do know how to throw an interesting shindig though.

    Ta muchly.