Monday, 7 March 2011

Stu Stu Stu Studio...

Well its been a very exciting few weeks here in LW HQ... we have some big news... we now have our very own beautiful studio!!!

Its in an old textile mill close to the city centre and was full of little treasures when we got the keys. We found five mirrors all ranging in size, many old poetry books, an amazing metal filing cabinet, a family of pigeons and a tiny bed!!!

Its in need of a good clean and sort out but we just love it and are already getting ourselves incredibly stuck in and grubby. We hope to have it all sorted within the next few weeks so everyone can come down for a good old nosey.

Here's some pics of hows its looking so far...

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  1. Wow! Fantastic :D Congratulations!! You don't suppose they're magic mirrors do you? Mirrors to travel... Mirrors to spy... Mirrors to remember... Mirrors to forget... Mirrors to rule the world!!

    You might like this - it's called The 10th Kingdom. It starts off pretty silly though... and gets sillier really, but it's very good. Check out the mirrors, they're magic:

    Katherine & Johnny