Monday, 9 July 2012

Get Stuffed...

We have recently been involved in a weird and truly wonderful project for I Love West Leeds Festival. With an inherent love of the quirky and unusual we were delighted when we were asked to be involved in Get Stuffed. From visiting the outstanding Artemis collection to hearing tales of each animals adventures we have loved every second of the project.

'In June 2012 ten families from West Leeds volunteered for an unusual project
involving taxidermy.

Each household was invited to choose a stuffed animal from the Artemis collection
to adopt as an easy-care pet. Artist duo Lord Whitney designed and created
an education and activity pack to accompany each animal on its west Leeds
summer holiday. Each pack contained animal facts, badges, naming certificates
and specially commissioned illustrations from illustrator Kris Sale. Lord Whitney
then visited each family in their own home with photographer Liam Henry, to
hear tales of animal adventures and to take formal portraits.

Nothing could have prepared us for what the animals got up to. Animals
quickly had their own twitter feeds, facebook pages and their own blogs.
Foxes appeared in wheelbarrows, hedgehogs watched the football and
pangolins drank tequila. Animals were taken to school, to work, to the theatre and
of course the pub.'

The exhibition runs untill the 15th July at Armley Mills, Leeds.

A BIG thank you to Kris Sale and Kate Crawford who helped make this project a belter!

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