Friday, 3 August 2012

Team LW

This summer, we have yet again had a superb group of amazing young creatives helping us out in the studio. They have impressed us so much with their super making skills and their positive, determined attitudes, with graduates like these the future looks very bright! They will be greatly missed at LW HQ and so before they left we thought we'd indulge them in a little bit of play LW style...

In the past week we have loved following the Olympics, cheering on Team GB and getting in the sporty spirit!  Whilst in the studio yesterday we wondered what the Olympics would be like Lord Whitney style. So using what was around us, we set out to create 'Team LW'.

Here's our homage...

Introducing Team LW...

Lucy and Elroy... Elephant Dressage

Cat... Glitterball Giant Tennis

Matt... Wand-Lifting

Lins... Syncronised Swimming (choppy waters!)

Lord and Whitney... 'Pencil Javelin'

Some games that happened that weren't featured included... 'Gaffa tape Shot put', 'Cable tie Judo', 'Used tea-bag Volleyball' and 'Sieve Fencing' (basically Fencing wearing a sieve on your face).

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